Sexy MILF Phone Sex – Love The Boytoys!

Sexy Milf Phone SexI guess you could say I just have a thing for younger guys. They have a word for women like that – cougar? Personally, I prefer to think of myself as a hot MILF. I do enjoy playing with the boytoys and sexy milf phone sex. 😉

I’m not sure what it is about sex with younger guys that I can’t resist. Maybe it’s the fact they have rock hard cocks, enjoy marathon sex sessions, and never get enough sex.

I don’t know what it is about a sexy older woman that attracts the younger guys either. Maybe because we mother them and even make them eggs the next morning?

Some say it’s because they are experienced and know how to please – and try harder! While others are just attracted to the mature body. What is it about MILF sex that attracts you?

They claim that women in their 40’s are in their sexual prime. I know that I’m hornier now than I have been in years! Maybe it’s because of the empty nest syndrome or that fact that I’m past my child-bearing years – but this mature milf enjoys sex more now than ever.

I guess I should feel guilty about having sex with guys the same age as my son – but I’m enjoying it too much to listen to my conscience. So if you prefer milf pussy and mature women, call this sexy phone sex milf. I know how to please the boyz.

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