Exhibitionism Phone Sex – Caught Masturbating

Exhibitionism Phone SexAre you an exhibitionist? Many of my exhibitionist phone sex callers just love being watched, and actively seek out opportunities to expose themselves.

Sometimes they just want me to watch them on cam while they stroke their cocks for me; and some want to be caught masturbating or exposing themselves in a public place where there is a high chance of getting caught.

One caller always phones when he is sitting in the mall parking lot. He scopes out the parking lot and watches for teen girls to park and get out – then parks nearby where they will be forced to pass his vehicle going to theirs.

There he calls me while he sits stroking his cock talking to me – waiting for them to return. He wants to expose his genitals to them as they walk pass, hoping for a reaction. The thought of getting caught masturbating always sends him over the edge; even if they don’t glance his way.

Others like to masturbate in their bedroom with the door left ajar, hoping to be caught masturbating by a roommate, family member, or even the housekeeper. Exhibitionism is so intoxicating to them that they can’t resist the urge.

Do you like to be watched? Do you enjoy exposing yourself or stroking your hard cock while someone is watching? Then maybe you are a candidate for exhibitionism phone sex. Find a not-so-secluded place to do the dirty deed, and give me a call! I’d love to be your partner in crime. ?

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