Exhibitionism Phone Sex – Caught Masturbating

Exhibitionism Phone SexAre you an exhibitionist? Many of my exhibitionist phone sex callers just love being watched, and actively seek out opportunities to expose themselves.

Sometimes they just want me to watch them on cam while they stroke their cocks for me; and some want to be caught masturbating or exposing themselves in a public place where there is a high chance of getting caught.

One caller always phones when he is sitting in the mall parking lot. He scopes out the parking lot and watches for teen girls to park and get out – then parks nearby where they will be forced to pass his vehicle going to theirs.

There he calls me while he sits stroking his cock talking to me – waiting for them to return. He wants to expose his genitals to them as they walk pass, hoping for a reaction. The thought of getting caught masturbating always sends him over the edge; even if they don’t glance his way.

Others like to masturbate in their bedroom with the door left ajar, hoping to be caught masturbating by a roommate, family member, or even the housekeeper. Exhibitionism is so intoxicating to them that they can’t resist the urge.

Do you like to be watched? Do you enjoy exposing yourself or stroking your hard cock while someone is watching? Then maybe you are a candidate for exhibitionism phone sex. Find a not-so-secluded place to do the dirty deed, and give me a call! I’d love to be your partner in crime. ?

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BBC Phone Sex – Big Black Cock, Baby

BBC, big black cock, sucking black cockMy Cucky hubby loves to dress me sexy so I can go out looking for big black cock! Mmmmmm Then I come home and tell him all about my adventures. Kind of like I do with you and BBC phone sex.

I’ve developed an eye for spotting that black cock.  I can spot that dark meat anywhere, so I’ve always got to be prepared

I wouldn’t dare step out of the house in panties!  And of course I wear my shortest dress even to the grocery store.

Actually the grocery store is my new favorite hunting ground.  That’s where all the young high school studs go for a summer job.

So maybe I was just planning on stopping in for a few things.  That plan changed when I saw that sweet young sacker, so dark and handsome it reminded me how much I love to suck black cock! I made sure I purchased enough to need help getting it all out to the car.

Let me tell you, my pussy got so wet just bending over to unlock the back.  I get so horny showing off my pussy.

Thank goodness I drive a big SUV.  I just climbed in and pulled him right in after me where I could suck black cock all I wanted in private.  Know what I mean?

I couldn’t wait for the taste of that jizz in my mouth, but he said he wanted to see it on my tits so I obliged and just licked it off.

I forgot all about poor hubby back home.  He loves it when I get fucked by big black cock and come home with a cunt full of cum.  Next time, Darling, I swear.

Are you looking for BBC Phone Sex?  I’ve gotten so horny just talking about big black cock, baby, I’m ready!

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Cuckold Phone Sex – Cheating Wife Loves BBC

Cheating Wife Phone SexI’ve cheated on things all my life: tests, boyfriends, taxes – and now I’m a cheating wife in a cuckold relationship, and having the time of my life! So of course I love talking about my lifestyle with my cuckold phone sex callers and hearing their cheating wife stories.

My husband’s quite a bit older than me – but even if he wasn’t, he understands that he has a hot wife that loves big black cock and one man would never be enough for me.

He says he loves me, so indulges me – but personally I think he loves being a cuckold husband. He gets harder watching his wife sucking and fucking a big black cock than he does at any other time!

Besides getting all the BBC I want, I enjoy being watched and knowing that my cuck husband is getting off to watching my pussy being stretched wide by some black bull. I always save the cream pie for him. He does love dessert. 😉

If you are aroused by the thought of cheating wives and their black cock lovers – call me for cuckold phonesex. I love sharing! 😉

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Hot Mommy Phone Sex – Incest Mommy Loves Her Boys

Incest Mom Phone SexWho loves you the most? Mommy does, of course! Mommy loves all her boys, no matter how big they get. And boys have a special place in their hearts (and cocks) for mommy. That’s why hot mommy phone sex is so popular.

Some boys love to entertain the thought of a hot mom catching them jerking off, and offering a helping hand. What mommy could resist the urge to offer mommy sex once she catches a glimpse of her son’s rock hard cock?

Others prefer to be the seducer. They catch mommy when she’s feeling the most vulnerable. Her son is there to comfort their sexy mommy and mommy son sex makes her feel wanted and special. Some even want to impregnate mommy – putting their little brother or sister in mommy’s tummy.

But that’s just the older boys. Mommy’s babies require other types of attention. They need to be loved, cuddled, nurse at mommy’s full breasts, and have mommy fondle their little pee-pees. This phone sex mommy knows how to make her babies feel loved.

Regardless of the age of her boys, this incest mommy knows how to care for them. Hot mom phone sex with a naughty mom is just what you need. Mommy sex will make it feel all better. 😉

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Stocking Fetish Phone Sex – I Understand Your Addiction

Stocking Fetish Phone SexYou find yourself irresistibly drawn and sexually excited by the sight of a woman’s legs encased in silky stockings. You steal your wife or girlfriends soiled hose to smell and taste – or rub against your erection. If this is you, then you are a perfect candidate for stocking fetish phone sex.

Look at the sexy high arch of My feet in these black stockings. You can almost smell and taste them. I can see the drool on your mouth from here. I know how much you long to run your hands up and down My legs to feel their silky texture against your bare skin.

You can hardly resist the urge to drop to your knees, crawling over on all fours to beg for the privilege to rub against My silk stockings clad feet and legs to show your devotion. If I were to tease your cock and balls with My stocking covered feet, you would probably cum all over them.

I know how much you love My long silky legs. Yes, you have a stocking feet fetish addiction and I know what you crave – stocking foot fetish phone sex with a Mistress like me who understands your fetish.

Mistress Caitlyn
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Sexy MILF Phone Sex – Love The Boytoys!

Sexy Milf Phone SexI guess you could say I just have a thing for younger guys. They have a word for women like that – cougar? Personally, I prefer to think of myself as a hot MILF. I do enjoy playing with the boytoys and sexy milf phone sex. 😉

I’m not sure what it is about sex with younger guys that I can’t resist. Maybe it’s the fact they have rock hard cocks, enjoy marathon sex sessions, and never get enough sex.

I don’t know what it is about a sexy older woman that attracts the younger guys either. Maybe because we mother them and even make them eggs the next morning?

Some say it’s because they are experienced and know how to please – and try harder! While others are just attracted to the mature body. What is it about MILF sex that attracts you?

They claim that women in their 40’s are in their sexual prime. I know that I’m hornier now than I have been in years! Maybe it’s because of the empty nest syndrome or that fact that I’m past my child-bearing years – but this mature milf enjoys sex more now than ever.

I guess I should feel guilty about having sex with guys the same age as my son – but I’m enjoying it too much to listen to my conscience. So if you prefer milf pussy and mature women, call this sexy phone sex milf. I know how to please the boyz.

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Young Teen Phone Sex – I Love Phone Sex With Older Men!

Young Teen Phone SexI didn’t start out wanting to be a young teen phone sex girl. I was just your average teen until I discovered how much fun having phone sex with older men could be!

Some friends and I were just playing around on one of those adult chat lines, and I was surprised how many guys sent me messages saying what a sexy young teen voice I had. Later that night after my friends had left, I called the line back and stayed up all night having phone sex with all the male callers.

Most of them were much older and experienced – but they didn’t mind talking to a young teen who had never had phone sex before. In fact, I think the idea turned them on more! I discovered that I loved getting them off as much as they loved hearing a young teen girl masturbating.

I was addicted and jumped at the chance when I learned that I could become a teen phone sex girl. Who would have ever imagines that this innocent little schoolgirl would turn into such a dirty little slut. *giggle* Now I get to make older guys cum all the time and get paid for it too. Best job ever!

You know how often you’ve fantasied about having sex with a young teen – sucking on those small tits while sliding your cock into that tight young pussy. So why wait? Young teen phonesex is just a call away. 😉

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